San Diego, California (USA), 2019

Date: November, 22
Organizers: AAR (American Academy of Religion) and SACP (Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy)
Theme: "Climate Change"

Part I: Panikkarian Cosmotheanthropic vision and Climate Change

Diane Pendola, Skyline, and Yakshi Vadeboncoeur, Skyline, Praxis: Panikkarian Earth Liturgy
Andrew Thrasher, Birmingham Univ., The Contemporary Western Christian Cosmology of Creation on Climate Change
Peter C. Phan, Georgetown Univ., Asian Christianity on Climate Change: Pope Francis' Encyclical and Asian Catholic Churches
Abdulaziz Sachedina, George Mason Univ. Islam on Climate Change
Young-chan Ro, George Mason Univ., Confucianism on Climate Change
Michiko Yusa, WWU, East Asian Nature 'Mysticism' on Climate Change

Part II: Remembering Gerry J. Larson

Milena Carrara, Vivarium, Prof. Larson and Panikkar at UCSB, Some Letter Exchanges
Lara Mitias, Antioch College, Dualisms East and West: Resolving Cartesian Problems with the Insights of Sankhya-Yoga
Geoffrey Ashton, Univ. of San Francisco, Recuperating the Life of Nature in the Samkhya karika: A Reconsideration of Gerald Larson's Theory of Prakrti through the Lens of Goethe's Organics

Raimon Panikkar

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“Writing, to me, is intellectual and spiritual life…
it allows me to ponder deeply the mistery of reality.”