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Raimon Panikkar

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Volume V
Opera Omnia
Marykmoll, New York (ORBIS BOOKS) 2017

Following volumes on Christianity and Hinduism, this new offering in the com­prehensive collection of Panikkar’s work brings together in one volume the definitive English-lan­guage version of Panikkar’s important work on Buddhism. As always, Panikkar seeks to bring together East and West without compromising the integrity of each tradition.
Enthusiasts of Panikkar will find much to en­joy in this deep reading of one of the world’s great religious heritages, while the newcomer will find much intellectual profit in Panikkar’s methods—always comparing, contrasting, and offering new ways of understanding the tradi­tions he studied.

«Ecrire, pour moi, est autant vie intellectuelle
qu’expérience spirituelle…
cela me permet d’approfondir le mystère de la réalité.»